Teen Classes at cafe avalaun - Ages 12-17

Learn valuable gluten free cooking tips and tricks from Chef and Certified Health Coach Brian Doyle, owner of Cafe Avalaun.  

A parent or guardian is required to sign a release form before beginning of the first teen class. This form will also require you to list any other food allergies or sensitivities besides gluten.  We are a dedicated gluten and peanut free facility.  Please provide an email to send participant forms upon checkout when registering for classes, or please pick forms up at the cafe.

Being a gluten free teen is hard enough and learning to cook in a world dominated by gluten is challenging.  Let Chef Brian and Cafe Avalaun help prepare your teen with real life hands on instruction on how to navigate a gluten free kitchen and prepare the foods that they often have to miss out on.    

9/25  Cupcake Battles  Teen Class! (ages 12-17)  Price: $50

This is your chance to show off your cupcake making skills with a chance to determine who is the best cupcake maker in the Cleve-Land!  Teams will be paired with a Chef Mentor who will help you research, plan and execute your winning cupcake!  At the end (8 PM), we will invite parents (or up to 2 special guests) to a blind tasting and judging.  The top 3 cupcakes will be featured in the Café Avalaun dessert case for the next month, and will be publicized across all social media outlets!  This is your chance to show the world that gluten free cupcakes are just as amazing as any other cupcake!  Actually we think they are even better, but we are a bit biased.  :)  After sign up, a release form will be emailed to be signed by a parent or guardian that must be returned before the beginning of class.  

See Event Calendar on our website for more descriptions for each individual class.


Our classes at Cafe Avalaun are all about building community through personal enrichment and fellowship around great food and great experiences.  Choose from 3 types of classes:  Informational, Lecture and Demo, and Hands on Cooking

Informational $20/person

These classes are as much about community as they are about fun recipes and tips for people of all skill level. Light refreshments served. Order special beverages at the coffee bar. 

Lecture + Demo $30/person

These classes are the best of both a demo of recipes as they relate to a specific topic combined with presentation. Taste the recipes from demo on a Light buffet. Order special beverages at the coffee bar. 

Hands on $80/person

Learn real techniques from Chef Brian and his team in these instructive hands on classes. Come hungry, as participants will enjoy the full course menu of recipes as prepared in class. 

Adult cooking classes at cafe avalaun:

8/20 - Anti Inflammatory Cooking / AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) Friendly  

Time: 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Price- $80/person

Much of the reason that Cafe Avalaun came to be was due to Chef Brian's own families' struggles with health related challenges and auto immune disease.  Eating an anti inflammatory diet is the key to recovery and eliminating symptoms when many other options fail. Years ago when Chef Brian's wife suffered a rare reaction to a medical procedure, he decided to return to school to become a Certified Health Coach.  This was the turning point for recovery for his wife and family and the seed that sprouted into Cafe Avalaun. Learn more about Chef Brian's journey as he offers shopping and cooking tips in order to follow an anti inflammatory diet for yourself.  

Class type: Hands on
Maximum attendees permitted- 10 people
Cut off for registration is Thursday August 17th

Cancellation policy- Must give 48 hour notice for full refund. Notice after that will be considered credit towards a different class in the future. Not applicable towards any other Cafe Avalaun products or services. 
We reserve the right to cancel class due to low registration. Customers that have registered may choose another class date to attend. 
Avocado-cucumber-radish salad
Kombu-ginger-turmeric poached wild salmon
with pineapple-yucca cake and Coconut braised greens
Dessert: chai-coconut fruit parfait



His best advice,

“Just Eat Real Food.”

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Chef Brian Doyle realized his passion for food at an early age, influenced by participating in family meals and gardening, both rooted in Italian and American-Southern heritages.

Brian creates high quality, multi-sense dining experiences utilizing fun inventive modern nutrition knowledge and culinary skill. Chef Doyle specializes in bold world cuisine that juxtaposes flavors and textures. He focuses on modern healthful preparations, using organic products.

Brian’s philosophy in the kitchen is to "cook from the heart with care and flair."

He has been honored as a guest chef at the Celebrity Chef's Gala, Autism Speaks to Wall Street as well as committee member in Cleveland since 2008. He is recognized as one of Cleveland's premier chefs with his gluten free restaurant Café Avalaun featuring a fun crepe menu, amazing coffee and stellar daily bakery. Brian is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a member of the AIHM Academy of Integrative Medicine as a certified Health Coach. Part of his goal as a chef is to accommodate special dietary needs as much as possible while still providing a high level of quality taste experience for all.