Announcing our very first Teen Cooking Classes at Cafe Avalaun!  

Date:  July 10th

Time:  6-8:30PM (Class Time) Parents are invited to return at 8 PM to enjoy the dishes prepared by their teens!

Location: Cafe Avalaun

Italian cooking (and specifically using dried GF pastas) is a difficult cuisine to substitute for when you need to be gluten free. Many of the gluten free dried pastas on the market are mediocre and a poor substitution for the real deal pasta that gluten free folks miss out on.  In this class focused on using dried GF pastas,  learn how to select and cook the best GF pastas on the market, and learn how to use them properly to make some of your favorite pasta dishes, such as homemade mac and cheese!  Also learn how to make the best GF pizza dough you have ever tasted and how to cook it properly so that even your gluten eating friends can't tell that it is gluten free pizza!  

After sign up, a release form will be emailed to be signed by a parent or guardian that must be returned before the beginning of class.   Sign up here!