Announcing Teen Cupcake Battles at Cafe Avalaun!  

Date:  September 25th

Time:  6 PM -8:30 PM (Teen Class Time)  Judges (Parents or Guests - Max 2 people) arrive at 8 PM for judging the cupcake battles!

Place:  Café Avalaun

Price:  $50 Per Person

This is your chance to show off your cupcake making skills with a chance to determine who is the best cupcake maker in the Cleve-Land!  Teams will be paired with a Chef Mentor who will help you research, plan and execute your winning cupcake!  At the end, we will invite parents (or up to 2 special guests) to a blind tasting and judging.  The top 3 cupcakes will be featured in the Café Avalaun dessert case for the next month, and will be publicized across all social media outlets!  This is your chance to show the world that gluten free cupcakes are just as amazing as any other cupcake!  Actually we think they are even better, but we are a bit biased.  :)  After sign up, a release form will be emailed to be signed by a parent or guardian that must be returned before the beginning of class. Let the battle begin!   Sign up here!