Announcing our very first Teen Cooking Classes at Cafe Avalaun!  

Date:  June 26th

Time:  6 PM -8:30 PM (Teen Class Time) Parents may return at 8PM to enjoy the meals prepared by their teens!

Place: Café Avalaun

Teens will learn about foods from around the world.  Chef Brian will teach you all about the flavors and cooking technique from select cultures that have different applications and flavor profiles.  This is a hands on class and students will have fun learning while they prepare dishes from different cultures.  Parents are invited to return at 8 PM to enjoy the dishes prepared by their teens.

South East Asian- Thailand and Vietnam. Flavor principles Salty, Sour, Sweet and Spicy (sometimes bitter)

South America- Brazil/Argentina (and Mexico too) 

France- The king of cuisine

After sign up, a release form will be emailed to be signed by a parent or guardian that must be returned before the beginning of class.  

Sign up here!