Cafe Avalaun is officially 3 years old!  Come and join us for the event that everyone has been waiting for!  It's Carnival Time!  All the carnival food you have been craving plus fun activities for the whole family!  We are so excited! It's all our loyal customers that have helped us reach this milestone...our 3 year anniversary!

All gluten free and all for you.....Funnel cake, corn dogs, hot pretzels, fresh cut french fries with garlic aioli, hot fresh beignets and apple fritters...and many more surprises...Don't miss out it's going to be soooo much fun!  

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 14th from 11am-5pm.  

Check out the Event on Facebook - let us know if you´re coming!

Note - Regular cafe menu will not be offered during the carnival hours from 11-5. However coffee bar menu will be available to purchase at regular prices.  Tickets can not be used for coffee bar purchases. We will be closed for all regular menu service for the entire day of the carnival, except for coffee bar purchases.



Special Gluten Free ‘FAIR FOOD’ ticket values
Each Ticket = 1 dollar

Food and activity tickets can be purchased the day of, or at the cafe starting on October 9th (Not redeemable for cash of any purchases made at Cafe Avalaun except on the day of the Carnival Sunday 10/14/28) Click here for pdf

Savory Treats
Warm pretzels V NF -- 5 tickets
Gyro Creperrito NF CF (DF available w coconut crepe request) -- 12 tickets
Fresh Cut Fries w Garlic Ailoi NF DF V CF -- 6 tickets
Corn dogs NF -- 6 tickets
Cheese on a stick! NF V -- 5 tickets

Sweet Treats
Funnel cake V NF CF (DF available on request) -- 7 tickets
Beignets V NF -- 5 tickets
Caramel apple fritters V CF DF -- 4 tickets

Hot mulled cider 12 oz -- 3 tickets
Cold Apple Cider -- 2 tickets
Hot Chocolate 8 oz -- 3 tickets
DF Coconut Hot Chocolate 8 oz -- 4 tickets
Lemonade -- 2 tickets
Iced Tea -- 2 tickets

Carnival Activities -- 3 tickets


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