Craving pizza, but most places that offer a gluten-free alternative are terrible or you run the risk of getting 'glutened' there. Our new take and bake pizza menu offers all sorts of variety of toppings and crust. Need a dairy free vegan pizza?! We can do that! Warning our crust contains a small amount of almond flour. We've tried alternatives and it's just not the same. (However, you can pre-order a 6 pack of nut free shells) One of my favorite things is Movie night with my family. You know what the best food for that is right!? PIZZA!! This is a special night that is for Pick Up only. The pizzas won't be baked. You take and bake. At 6:30 pm I'm going home to be with my family,  watch a movie and chow down on pizza. All orders must be placed by 12 pm on Friday (pick up day). Place your order any time during the week for a pick up between 3 pm and 6:30 pm on Friday 5/25/18