What you get each week

Every week you'll receive 2 portions of 3 paleo style dinners based on your 3 choices. Typically each meal consists of 6 oz of locally sourced, free-range/grass-fed protein and about 2 cups (approx 10 oz) of 2 sides per meal. Some meals are more like a one pot wonder with a side salad. 


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1)Calves Liver and onions- LC AIP

with mushroom and caramelized onion-thyme sauce- LC AIP

plus, Asparagus cauliflower faux ’risotto’ - VG AIP


2)Spicy Shrimp taco with smoky avocado cream- AIP LC (order with Jackfruit for VG)

Cucumber salad- AIP LC VG

Lemon and garlic roasted asparagus- AIP LC VG


3)Indian turmeric curry chicken and vegetables- AIP LC (order with Jackfruit for VG)

Cauliflower faux cous cous and fruit- AIP LC VG


4)Tamarind glazed pork spare ribs- AIP LC KF

with Asian veggie slaw- AIP LC VG

and Sweet potato hash- AIP VG


5)Smothered beef and artichokes- AIP LC (Order with Jackfruit for VG)

with side salad of local produce tbd- AIP LC VG

and Herb roasted taro root- AIP VG

6)Beef meatballs in tomato sauce- NF P KF (order with Hempfu for VG)

with tomato sauce and zucchini noodles- NF P KF VG

Side salad of local veggies and Italian vinaigrette- NF KF VG


7)Bacon, parsnip and ramp chowder- AIP

with Bacon braised dandelion greens- AIP

and Maple-mustard glazed carrots- AIP


8)Poached salmon- AIP LC

with turnips with orange-rosemary sauce- AIP

and zucchini noodles- AIP


9)Italian lamb patties- AIP LC

with sautéed greens- AIP LC

and roasted dill parsnip fries- AIP LC VG


10)Cassava crusted chicken in lemony sauce- AIP LC

with Roasted asparagus- AIP LC VG

and Green plantain fries- AIP VG


Alternative selections


A. The Dejavu bowl with braised grass-fed beef - P EF NF LC

whipped white roots - P VG NF (Sub Lemon-garlic roasted veg for LC)

sautéed greens - P VG NF LC

and Cleveland beet kraut - P VG NF LC


B. The Burger salad bomb with grass-fed beef patty - P NF LC

a ton of greens, tomato, onion, avocado and a house made mayo-dressing - P V NF LC


C. Braised pork - P EF NF LC

with cauliflower faux rice - P VG NF LC

and seasonal lemon-garlic roasted veggies - P VG NF LC


*D. Vegan Bowl with balsamic roasted vegetables- P VG NF LC

with Cauliflower faux rice- P VG NF LC

*E. Paleo plantain tacos with chicken, pork or jackfruit (let us know which protein)- NF P EF KF

with watercress and radish plus Popes smoking river hot sauce- NF P EF VG LC

Cauliflower gratin- NF P V LC


Everything is Grain Free, Soy Free and Peanut Free, Paleo and Whole30 approved

KF=KID FRIENDLY, V=Vegetarian, NF=Nut Free, CF=Corn Free, EF=Egg Free, P=Paleo, PR=Primal, VG=Vegan, DF=Dairy Free, LC=Low Carb(under 50grams) 

VG or P is also DF. Anything labeled VG is EF. AIP=Autoimmune Protocol friendly Anything labeled AIP is Nut Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Seed Free, Night Shade Free and Egg Free.