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Getting married and looking for a caterer? Share your love story for a chance to win 10% off your total wedding catering bill! Tell us how you met, when you fell in love, and how you got engaged. We want all the details!

First, we'll share a love story with you! Did you know that Café Avalaun owners Brian and Jennifer Doyle have been together since they were teenagers? Check out their story (and some totally adorable photos) and then tell us yours, using the form below.


“I am going to marry that boy one day.”

You probably won’t believe this but Chef Brian and his wife Jennifer (the owners of Café Avalaun)  have been together since they were about 13-14 years old.  They met in 1987 when they were in 7th and 8th grade!  Brian was on the track team in junior high in their tiny little hometown of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.  His special talent was for “jumping”...triple jump, long jump and high jump;   placing in every meet the team competed in.  Senior year he placed 6th in the state for triple jump.  

When Jennifer was in 7th grade she and her friends would hang out sometimes to watch practice and track meets after school.   The school’s track field (doubling as the football field in their hometown) was right behind the local McDonald’s, so it seemed the likely place to hang out after school.  She had been watching Brian for some time at practice and track meets and had become pretty smitten with him.  Although, Brian being a grade above her and pretty shy, had never noticed her or even spoken to her.  

One day, she and her friend were at McDonald’s waiting in line.  Track practice must have just let out because Brian came walking through the door.  He lived only blocks away and walked past McDonald’s every day on his way to and from school.  This day was a little different though, because for the first time ever, this shy track boy that Jennifer had been watching for months, walked past her, made eye contact and said only one word;  “Hi”.  Now you are not going to believe what happened next...Jennifer, not knowing anything about this boy other than the fact that she thought he was really cute and slightly mysterious, turned to her best friend and said, “I am going to marry that boy one day.”  She didn't even realize at that moment that she truly would fall in love with him and the rest is really just history.  History that has led them to through the ups and downs of life and marriage, building a family and building a successful restaurant and catering business.  Now today, they find joy in helping couples plan their own happily ever after;  working with them to customize their menu to ensure every little detail of their wedding catering helps to tell their own love story.   Here's to love!


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