About a week ago on Facebook we promised to share some recipes with you all. We asked what recipes you were most interested in and Fried Chicken was one that we thought was appropriate since #1. July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day and #2. We're planning to do another Southern fried pop up dinner on July 14, 2017!

Here's the Fried Chicken Recipe.  

Here's the brine recipe for a Dairy Free version. I use this brine for all birds. 


The Buttermilk marinade time is important because it is like a brine. It tenderizes the chicken and infuses it with the flavors from the marinade. The dairy free brine recipe is a perfect example of this flavor infusion, a technique we’re fond of at Café Avalaun. The flour is a perfect blend to achieve the cravable crispy texture and flavor.


For the frying. In the old days a cast iron skillet was the best and still is the best. The method would be a bit different because you’d have to turn the chicken to complete the cooking process. If you are keen on this, then go for it. I recommend considering a table top electric fryer. A gadget you’ll find many uses for. The pot on the stove method also requires a thermometer to monitor the temperature. A common mistake is to have the temperature be right where you want it at the time you immerse the chicken and then it drops down really fast to around 250º. Then you end up with greasy soggy chicken. Also do not crowd the chicken into the oil. Two things might happen. The oil could boil over and you’d have a nasty grease fire on your hands or the temperature drop thing will happen. I say do it in batches and then flash your chicken in a 400º oven for about 8-10 minutes once all of it is done. This is how we do it at the café since we only have one fryer and we couldn’t conceivably cook 40 birds inside a 2-hour window in order to serve everyone.