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Cafe Avalaun offers the finest in wedding catering, specializing in fresh farm to table meals with attention to detail.  Chef Brian and team will guide you through the entire process of creating a custom menu with ease and attention to detail.  Our goal is to help bring your unique vision to life while taking the extra time to get to know you and your individual needs and interests.  We specialize in accommodating most special dietary needs including allergies, gluten free, and kosher diets. 


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Andrew and Kaitlyn's Testimonial

"Just the other day, my wife and I were stocking up for the “Big Winter Storm” when we heard someone say “hello newlyweds.” As we turned around we were pleasantly surprised to see Brian Doyle! We gave hugs and chatted for what felt like a few minutes but turned out to be almost a half an hour! This is a perfect representation of what you receive when you choose Brian of Cafe Avalaun (Sowfood) as your caterer, a friend for life. Nearly a year and a half later, Brian still took time to chat it up with us not only talking about his accomplishments over the last year, which are many but also taking time to see how our lives together were shaping up. You won’t get that with many other caterers. In fact, most would just walk on by without saying a word.

You now know what kind of person Brian is but let’s talk about our experience! We had received a recommendation from a mutual friend to check out Cafe Avalaun (Sowfood) and we couldn’t have been pushed in a better direction. We had exhausted ourselves looking for the “right” caterer to meet our “foodie” needs and were failing miserably. The moment we sat down with Brian and we knew it was the right fit. He was so personable and knowledgeable about the food industry and we felt very comfortable talking with him. In fact, we spent almost three hours sitting in a local breakfast diner chatting with him about a lot of different subjects; most of them had nothing to do with our actual catering service. Finally, we parted ways and Brian emailed us shortly afterwards to give us a questionnaire to fill out which helped him understand the types of cuisine we loved, our favorite restaurants, and a little more detail about how we envisioned our catering service. A few weeks later we received a preliminary menu. Let me start off by saying my wife cried the first time she read the menu. Brian created a menu that screamed Kaitlyn and Andrew! It was everything we had ever hoped for and more. We were still quite some time from the actual wedding but we continued to meet on a regular basis just to talk about little details of the service and mainly to just shoot the breeze. Our meetings always lasted WAY longer than intended but who’s complaining! We appreciated how Brian took time to be our friend during all of the chaos and stress of planning a wedding. You won’t find that too often and most times you are treated like a dollar sign. You won’t get that with Cafe Avalaun (Sowfood); what you can expect is a friend who will create a masterpiece inspired by the ideas you bring to the table.

If you are looking for artistic, creative dishes from local sources you will not go wrong with Cafe Avalaun (Sowfood). Brian will put the perfect touch to your special day regardless of the occasion. One thing my wife and I know, we have a lifelong friend in Brian. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being who you are...the hardest working chef in Cleveland!"